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that people somehow find interesting

Doom Diva
(Second LJ: http://pagan-camping.livejournal.com)

I'm a brutally honest, cynical yet happy eclectic and pretty generic Pagan with Wiccan overtones. I'm an unapologetic dirty smoker and quite possibly what Ariel Levy classifies as a "female chauvinist pig" (oh noez!!!). I (mostly) am a WAHM, I graduated our 18yo son from homeschool and is now an Army recruit, and hopelessly devoted to my husband the acrobat (LOL). We live in a neighborhood I feel is a little "too good" for the likes of us! LOL! I'm a vegetarian and enjoy cooking for others, especially for large groups of people. However, I don't discriminate against my omni family and friends, so I will (separately) prepare actual meat dishes for them if that's what they're counting on. I've also done some freelance writing for a number of publications on and off-line, and my first book will be out soon.

Oh and yes: go ahead and friend me if you want. I'm not a Nazi about that. Then again, the locked up stuff is pretty damn whiny and boring, but I do like to talk shit and name names!

Things I like:
Real people (esp. with an edge), most metal bands (except Nu and 'core), shows at dive bars, hack n' slash gore flicks, scatological humor, driving anywhere, bar hopping and urban living.

Things I dislike:
Phonies, (think they) know-it-alls, militants/terrorists/fascists/fundies of all varieties, major flakes (not to be confused with being silly and fun!), bigots, spelling/grammar nazis, most sci-fi, coffee (yuk!!!) and most insects and spiders.

Favorite Shows:
Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons, Metalocalypse, True Blood, Law & Order, House and Wife Swap (only because they've asked us to be on THREE TIMES already!).

Oh and a weird fact about me:
One peculiar interest I have is torturing myself with Fox News and televangelists, especially the 700 Club. (Call it a "Know Thy Enemy" thing.) I love watching Glenn Beck cry while writing nonsense on his chalkboard, Sean Hannity bitch about everything that isn't Right and Pat Robertson pray in his "I need more fiber in my diet!!" expressive best. It's especially funny when they don't get their way about stuff, allowing me a taste of schadenfreude for the day! 8-D Tee-hee!

Mostly, I just like observing and getting to know people from all backgrounds, as I have friends and acquaintances of all kinds! (I'm both a social butterfly and a chameleon!) This general rule applies so long as they're not the Lookit Me! variety, including "Speshul Snowflakes" and pompous asses who wear their sheepskins, politics and/or beliefs on their sleeves. I prefer the blue-collared, unPC, working stiffs no one ever hears about, because these folks tend to actually be the most unique and interesting individuals I'll ever meet! :)